Ultra Quirky and Israel Designs

Check it out! See my latest Israel photos and vintage posters. Enjoy pre-1948 photos that have been colorized, and posters that have been restored. Shop on Society6.com.

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Also, Israel travel photos, vintage posters, and pre-1948 photos that have been colorized and restored. Designs are on t shirts, posters, tote bags, notebooks, and more. Shop on Redbubble.com and TeePublic.com.

Stickers. Four Israeli vintage posters on a sticker sheet. The sticker pack includes Kesem Washing Powder, designed by Franz Krausz, 1938; The Pioneer (Hebrew.) designed by Steven Ir-Sahi, 1935; First Maccabiah, 1932; The Country of Our Future, designed by Franz Krausz, 1934. All public domain.
Israel, Posters. Vintage 1930s - Sticker Pack